Welcome to IXICO’s TrialWire, a simple online tool which enables you to de-identify, organize and move your DICOM image data ...for free.

So why not join one of the hundreds of TrialWire users and register today to see the benefits!

This easy to use tool is completely web based and does not require you to download any cumbersome software to use it. All you need to do is register and use a Java enabled browser.

You might be wondering - why is this software free? Well, that’s simple.  At IXICO, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for transferring DICOM data in a simple, robust manner. We want everybody to have the flexibility of sending their data whenever they want and to any web enabled machine even if they aren't technically minded. We want to encourage the use of electronic data transfer to avoid costly courier fees and to meet the growing regulations around patient privacy through effective de-identification tools. We want to revolutionise your imaging study!

To learn more about what IXICO can do for you visit the IXICO website. http://www.ixico.com/ 

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